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Reactor performance

Scaling-up reactor systems is difficult and fraught with risk. Often, the heuristics we rely on make assumptions which may not be valid with respect to a given system. The Reactor Modeling team has an extensive capability of developing predictive models for chemical conversion reactors in both the biological and thermochemical conversion space. These models include both rigorous physical and chemical aspects, so they are predictive of both to overall yields and speciation of the products.

Example: residence time distributions

A major capability in this space is the prediction of solids residence time distributions – a zeroth order predictor of system performance. We have developed tools for predicting RTDs for a variety of reactor systems from bubbling fluidized beds through dilute flow riser systems. This models incorporate the effect of gas flows and thermochemistries.

Example: interrogating system design

Understanding the active regions in a reactor system can be crucial to optimizing design and operating conditions. Shown in the figure below, the non-productive regions (in green) of a bubble-column and airlift reactors (both 5m diameter, 40 m height) subject to the same aeration rate. This study showed that the non-productive regions of both reactors were approximately 30%, but that the airlift reactor provided improved top-bottom mixing, which is intuitively desirable for sustained bioreaction performance.



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